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Jefferson Starship News

Updated December 27, 1998.


Jefferson Starship Live - NYE Cable Broadcast

The Fillmore show (11/6/98) was taped, and will result in a New Year's Cable Broadcast. The show featured both classic songs as Ride the Tiger and Caroline, and new stuff as Let Me Fly and See the Light.

The show will be broadcast by "Comcast Network", channel CN8. This is a free channel. Broadcast begins 9 PM EST, 8 PM Central. See the Comcast Website for more info.
(Added Nov. 9, updated Dec. 27, 1998)

Windows of Heaven - US Release

Jefferson Starship's new CD, Windows of Heaven will be released in US February 9, 1999 (two weeks earlier than previously announced). The US release will contain alternate tracks, not on the previous ("unauthorized") German release. The label is CMC International, a quite big company with artists like Tommy Shaw, Styx, Little Feat, Joe Cocker, and Judas Priest. CMC is distributed by BMG, so in a sense Jefferson Starship is back in the RCA family.
(Updated Dec. 12, 1998).

New Grace Slick Site

There is a new very nice Grace Slick website:
Grace Slick - The First Lady In Rock

(Added Dec. 1998)

Grace Slick Update: New CD and Book

It has now been verified that RCA is releasing The Best of Grace Slick. The tracklist:
17. DO YOU REMEMBER ME? (Previously Unreleased)

Grace Slick's new biography, Somebody to Love, have already been issued. Grace have been out on a booksigning tour, and appeared on different radio/TV shows to promote the book. Read an article on Grace and her new book here.
(Added September 8, and updated Nov. 23, 1998)

Grace Slick Cover Stories

Grace Slick have done a cover story for lesbian magazine LN (Lesbian News), November issue. I have not seen it, but been told the following: "Funny article and great pictures, especially cover. Appears this month and can be purchased at Barnes & Noble and anywhere with a good gay and lesbian section."

Moreover, she is also on the December issue of Goldmine!
(Updated Nov. 23, 1998)

New Jefferson Starship Keyboardist

Chris Smith is Jefferson Starship's new keyboard player, and debuted with the band in August. Whether he is a permanent member, or if T Lavitz has left the band, has not been verified.

Current Tour

A new set-up is introduced for the East Coast tour: acoustic shows with Paul Kantner, Marty Balin, Slick Aguilar and Chris Smith will be played in the east. The Nov. 20 East Rutherford show will however be the full electric band again (but with Bobby Vega as replacement for Jack Casady who is on tour with Hot Tuna).
(Updated Nov. 9, 1998)

Windows of Heaven - German issue

Jefferson Starship's new CD, Windows of Heaven will be released February 23, 1999.

The German record company S.P.V. GmbH has already released Windows of Heaven, but please note that the upcoming official US release contains alternate tracks not on the German issue (which is available from CDNow as an import item), but before buying this item, read the following:

Unfortunately, there has been a BIG business disagreement between the Jefferson Starship management and the German record company. Band members have been referring to the German issue as "illegal". They kindly ask all fans to wait for the US release! . The US release will be a revised version, with alternate tracks, since the German release apparently was not made from the final mix of the album.

Tracklist on the German issue:
#. title (writer) main vocalist(s)

(Updated Nov. 9, 1998)

New Jefferson Family releases

In addition to the German version of Windows of Heaven, the following have recently been issued:

The new Hot Tuna album The Best of Hot Tuna has been released. Click on the title if you want to listen to some of the tracks (in RealAudio) and/or buy the record from CDNow.

More Hot Tuna items at CDNow.

Not new, but previously hard to find, is Skip Spence's Oar.
This 1969 album from the legendary Jefferson Airplane (and later Moby Grape) member and song-writer is now available on CD for less than $10. Just click on title or here to get to CDNow's listing for tracklist, review and purchase information).

RCA/BMG has also just released a new Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship compilation, Hits. Click on title or here for complete tracklisting and order information.

Other related resources at CDNow:

Jefferson Airplane items at CDNow.

Jefferson Starship items at CDNow.

Starship items at CDNow.

(Updated 10/12/98)

New Jefferson Starship Mailing List

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New Jefferson Airplane/Starship website

Greg Gildersleeve and Stefan Ohlsson have released a new site where highlights are the year-by-year history of Jefferson Airplane/Starship, biographies of band members and the Top 10 Airplane/Starship songs. Check it out here!

(Added 8/3/98, updated 9/8/98)

The Official Jefferson Starship Site is Back!

The Jefferson Starship management have finally decided to launch an Official Jefferson Starship Site. Check it out!

Current plans

Jefferson Starship is touring extensively this summer. See tour info for more details.

Marty Balin plays solo shows when not touring with the Starship. A new Balin greatest hits CD is in the process. See Marty's Official Site for more information.
(updated May 25)

Modern Times on CD

Modern Times has finally been released on CD. However, in Japan only... (Tell BMG/RCA that they should release it in US as well.)
(Added April 6)

Jeff Tamarkin's Unedited Gold Liner Notes

RCA has just released a remastered CD of the 1974-1978 greatest hits album Gold. If you want to read Jeff Tamarkin's unedited liner notes, click here for Jeff Tamarkin's website. (added Feb. 27)

Remastered Jefferson Starship Albums

BMG (RCA) have had the good taste of releasing remastered CDs of the following Jefferson Starship related albums (just click on the links to buy them from CDNow):
Blows Against The Empire (Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship, 1970)
Sunfighter (Paul Kantner & Grace Slick, 1971)
Baron von Tollboth and the Chrome Nun (Paul Kantner, Grace Slick & David Freiberg, 1973)
Dragon Fly (Jefferson Starship, 1974)
Red Octopus (Jefferson Starship, 1975)
Spitfire (Jefferson Starship, 1976)
Earth (Jefferson Starship, 1978)
Gold - Greatest Hits 1974-1978 (Jefferson Starship)
Freedom at Point Zero (Jefferson Starship, 1979)
Hopefully we'll see the rest of the catalogue soon...
Modern Times, Winds of Change and Nuclear Furniture are available on CD in Japan.

The Grace Slick Gallery

The project of creating an internet gallery with Grace Slick pictures has been announced: The Grace Slick Gallery.
(added Jan. 19)

Jefferson Starship @ Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Concert

At October 12 1997, Jefferson Starship was the main attraction of The Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Concert. The band featured Paul Kantner, Jack Casady, Diana Mangano, Prairie Prince, and Pete Sears (this was Pete's first appearance with Jefferson Starship since the band split in 1984! As you may know, he continued the orbit with Mickey Thomas' Starship for a couple of more years, before he recorded a great solo album, and eventually joined Hot Tuna). The setlist was: Other Side of this Life, Wooden Ships, The Mountain Song, The Light, Volunteers. For a review of the show, see Hal Broome's Review. Moreover, Jefferson Starship was mentioned as the highlight of the show in Swedish newspapers!

(added Oct. 1997, updated Sept. 10 1998)

Jack Casady Instruction Video Out!

Now you can learn how to play bass like a God: Jack Casady has made an instruction video, released by Homespun Tapes (order info). (Added October 22)

Pete Sears Improvisation Album

Pete Sears have released a grand piano improvisation album on Capacity Records in Japan. The title is Millenium.
Tracks: 1. Metamorphsis (8:57), 2. Solitude (10:46), 3. Summer Rain (4:09), 4. A Time To Remember (2:15), 5. Posada De Santiago (5:26), 6. Osaka City (18:30), 7. Autumn Winds (2:45), 8. Isle Of Skye (1:13), 9. Old Freinds (3:22) (added Dec. 17)

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